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When the silent speak – Je suis Charlie Chaplin

There is not much more that I can say directly to the horrifying January 7th incident at the Paris office of the Charlie Hebdo publication that took 12 lives that likely hasn’t already been said or written elsewhere.  It has


Angels and Demons – a Christmas message

I am not a religious person, but a post on website garnered my attention over the weekend.  Kendall F. Person has developed one of the most compelling artistic blogs I’ve encountered in my fledgling experience so far, combining the


Newtown and the deep problem of gun rights

A few days ago, a fellow NaBloPoMo participant urged fellow bloggers to speak up for common sense gun regulations. As a Canadian, an observation I make is that a major part of the problem is that gun advocates think that


Funny is where funny is at

Wanna hear Darth Vader channel his inner Whitney Houston? The link to the audio clip is somewhere in this post (and the link is now fixed, apologies)! Taking a slightly different cue from the Daily Prompt to talk about Funny,


Ebola demonstrates how easily personal risk draws attention away from our Dynamic potential 

What truly separates the public interest from the self interest is change, with which comes countless new possibilities, many of them practical and exciting.  The positive aspects of these opportunities are accessible to everyone, but unfortunately, it is easy to


A time to Evoke, as well as Remember 

Today, we honor and remember those who dared to face the horrors of war on our behalf.  Too many have paid too high of a cost in the war one hundred years ago that was to end all wars and


Back to Bloom County

A little late considering the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but as reports come in saying 80% of participants in an unofficial referendum support a Catalonia split from Spain, it is a good


Everyone should have a Magna Carta 

‘We’re just a million little gods causing rainstorms, turning every good thing to rust.’ Arcade Fire’s words from Wake Up perfectly sums up the tone these days in the developed world when it comes to many social issues.  Much of


Moving beyond certainty

Can we not look  further than Cogito Ergo Sum to approach issues of common interest?  For all that I discussed in my Day 6 post demonstrating how, with freedom, the merit of taking the public/broad interested perspective over a self


The dichotomy of Freedom

The polar extremes of self and public/broad interest are especially distinct when applied to freedom Yesterday, amongst other things, I talked about how values can be paired as polar opposites on a continuum with a self interest basis on the


NaBloPoMo Day V (for Vendetta): The structure of a paradox

Have never dug into the origins of the rising use of the Guy Fawkes masks as a symbol of the modern anti-establishment movement, but they are likely to have been inspired by Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s brilliant graphic novel


Viewing public interest as an inspiration 

Public interest should aspire beyond mediating conflicts between individual interests After yesterday’s impromptu post and getting ahead of myself for tomorrow’s which is significant for radicalists and historians (presume @towncrier96, fellow NaBloPoMo participant, knows all about that), fallen behind today’s


Caribou poop messes things up

Had a plan for my daily blog posts for half of November laid out until a 700-year-old piece of caribou fesces showed up in the news. I’m pretty sure my work for #NaBloPoMo so far must come across not nearly as


Why a dialogue on Public Interest is needed 

In my opinion, public interest is the most important idea that needs to be addressed in free and democratic societies today.  I had written a recent post on this subject and was in the process of writing a follow up


Corporations, slavery, and androids

One of the things I always appreciated about fiction, like an early Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) episode, is how it can create extreme situations by which questions about our lives, from the mundane to profound, can be explored. 


CBC’s meaning of citizenship question vital in the wake of Ottawa attack

CBC and its Massey Lecture series asked what citizenship meant to its audience this past week.  After the events in Ottawa and St-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Monday and Wednesday, it means we all need to stay together against these threats working to


Why Serena Vermeersch’s murder demands a deeper public interest dialogue

I am not a legal expert, but I believe that the issues provoked by the Serena Vermeersch murder demonstrates a need for a deeper discussion beyond tough-on-crime talk or reforming criminals The questions surrounding the release and freedom of the


Perspective and Climate Change

Today, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are marching to raise awareness and demand action to reverse the rising impacts of climate change.  This is perhaps the most important example of an issue that is difficult to grasp


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