About the Four Dimensional Framework

The Four Dimensional Framework is a principle-based and structured model created to measure and assess the impact individuals, groups, or issues have on the extent and probability by which the public interest can be achieved.  Public interest, in this application, is being defined as the maximization of a society’s capability and well being.

Like our physical reality, there are four dimensions – Length, breadth, depth, and time, a measure of change.  Zero dimensions is a point which is how many treat their view of society – a dispersal and meandering set of points with no significant interaction or influence, at least when it comes to subjects such as economics and public policy.

This framework takes an alternate perspective using these four categories:

  • Length – The Relational Dimension: the lines that connect and define our relationship to one another.
  • Breadth – The Scope Dimension: the geographic, temporal, social, and ecological space within which we exist and function.
  • Depth – The Awareness Dimension: the knowledge and capability we possess and utilize.
  • Time/Change – The Dynamic Dimension: The outcomes that materialize through our coexistence and interaction as opposed to operating in isolation.

About Millar Dyson Kits

Millar Kits is a lifelong West Coast Canadian with a lengthy career in international trade and transportation.  He has a Bachelor and Master degree in business.  Write to me at millarkits@telus.com

4 comments on “About the Four Dimensional Framework
  1. Thanks fr the follow!! I loved the concept of your site and the articles I’ve read too !!! You’ve got me hooked!! 😀


    • MillarDKits says:

      Thanks! Much appreciated from someone with a very interesting blog himself. Enough that the name of your site has me thinking Darwin, your Gravatar quote also evokes Terry Fox, if you have ever heard of him. I intend to pull some thoughts together from you and fellow Blog 201 participants in a post for the upcoming NaBloPoMo challenge (still thinking about it, but if the delay between your comment and my reply is an indication, time can be a challenge for me).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gee! Thanks of that! Yeah I was thinking on the lines of Darwinism , and I’d beauties lame at my job if I hadn’t heard of Terry Fox 😀 I think you should go for the NaBloPoMo challenge – I was thinking of trying to attempt it myself – and I assume you have noticed time challenges are mutual 😉 !


      • But yeah , NaBloPoMo is definitely worth a try! I’ll be following you 😀


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