Transit versus cars in two seconds

Urban traffic modes

Not clear on the source other than it came from the website, but this is a terrific GIF demonstrating the difference in terms of space between cars and public transit.  Not much else to share right now (working on another post on a similar subject) but wanted to at least get something up on my blog after being quiet the past couple of weeks.

I remember a two-panel cartoon about twenty years ago that first flashes back about 20-30 years before that in which a secretary dreams of a day when technology could one day make her job easier after her boss tells her to (manually) type up a document in triplicate and mail it to three of his clients.  The cartoon then flash forwards to the current day where that boss is now telling the secretary to create and insert images and graphs into the document, convert it into a presentation, e-mail it to all of his customers, and post it on the company’s website.

It’s true that technology has both made our lives easier but has also complicated them.  Not all that good at social media, but I like what I’ve been learning over the past month or so through a few different avenues that I’m still trying to absorb.  Hope to incorporate that new knowledge in my blogging, but working with all that new info and other stuff’s been slowing me down (still have to work on taxes too).  Will get back soon with a post stemming from a neat motorcycle-sized car prototype from Japan.




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