A Canadian rant and accolade to Charlie Hebdo

Currently fine-tuning a new post, but thought it would be worthwhile to share a couple of pieces of commentary on the Charlie Hebdo attack from a Canadian perspective.  I haven’t had that many viewers of this blog so far since I launched it last summer, but I am amazed how broadly the international reach has been.  It occurred to me then, yesterday, that as much as what I will talk about here is mainstream material in Canada, they will likely get minimal to no exposure beyond our borders.

The two minute rant by comedian Rick Mercer seen below has been a regular feature on his shows for over twenty years (particularly Canadian here in this case with its wintry setting),  The Bruce MacKinnon cartoon he is referring to is one I included in my Remembrance Day posting back in November.  Meanwhile, Michael Den Tandt’s review of the cartoon featured on the new cover of Charlie Hebdo gives it accolades for its hopeful message despite the deadly attack on its offices last week.

As much as I said in my Je suis Charlie Chaplin post a few days ago that I didn’t think there was much I could directly add to the conversation that could be better said by people like Mercer and Den Tandt, I just wonder how much of what they say is taken for granted here in a free democracy like Canada but not necessarily elsewhere.  For that reason, I’ll be considering posting more articles like these on my blog in the future.

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