Nat’l Blog Posting Month Day 30 (#NaBloPoMo Day 24)

Reached the end of NaBloPoMo November and fell six short of meeting the daily blog post goal.  Still, you never know what you can do until you try, and much of creativity stems from how much you interact with the outer world and, in that way, further delving into the blogging universe through NaBloPoMo has been a valuable exercise.

There’s a couple of things, though, that bothered me about the daily posting approach aside from the time demand which, naturally, was already a challenge with work and raising a family.  One was that, at least in my mind, I had been establishing a decent standard in my blog posts so far in both content and topic coverage that I wanted to maintain, especially given some of the topics I was discussing.  This was especially the case a few days ago with the Newtown post.  Got one snarky comment from the post on the NaBloPoMo board, but it was the couple of days I spent addressing feedback from a gun rights advocate on my blog website that makes me want to be better prepared and researched for my postings.

Second was that while I was proud about my output over the past month, the struggle to write a post per day made it increasingly difficult to see what other posters were doing as the month went along.  Was surprised to see now that the November NaBloPoMo blogroll had reached over 5,000 participants!  I had checked out a number of posts early on but that activity went down as the month went along as the time pressure increased.  Thing was, that I got some good ideas from some of them that I incorporated into a few of my pieces.

As it was, didn’t expect to write this many posts with the degree of content most of them had, and I certainly didn’t expect a post about Caribou poop to be my most popular, but I did achieve my main objective of finally writing out the ideas and principles driving my blog.   This wasn’t a great month for me to try doing daily posts, but December sure wasn’t going to be better, and I had put off too long already things that would help my blog move past the intro stages.

Not that I’m any more confident that my audience has yet to get a decent grasp at what I’m trying to say in this blog.  Given the time pressure, happy that I was able to put out some pretty good posts the past month that have gotten positive feedback.  On the other hand, I’m sure my 4DF graphics has some (many? most? all?) people scratching their heads.

So thanks to everyone who has checked out my NaBloPoMo post series during November, as well as BlogHer for hosting the event.  I feel like I owe another six posts to the NaBloPoMo board to complete this challenge so I’ll stick around that forum at least until then, but I also want to spend more time checking out other blogs over the next few weeks, especially those who were generous enough to provide feedback on my work, plus do some work on improving my website.   Have a wonderful December!

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