Hello Blockhead! (#NaBloPoMo Day 23)

It was fitting to use a square to represent the regressive end of my 4DF model as opposed to my use of circles for the progressive public interest side. It also provided me an opportunity to refer back to that old Charlie Brown blockhead term to use as a planned occasional feature for my blog.

Acknowledging that @patriciaappelquist beat me to citing blockhead for the NaBloPoMo November event, though in her case, she was referring to that writer’s block in response to a Daily Prompt. So, while the Merriam Webster dictionary defined blockhead plainly as a stupid person, I don’t intend to use the term in that kind of fashion.

My blog and Four Dimensional Framework model is all about promoting a fair and mutually beneficial public interest that aspires to achieve society’s potential as represented by the outward expanding circles, so it’s appropriate for the Blockhead, the square at the centre of the graphic, to be persons or issues that deter us from that objective. Whose actions or conduct benefit few or none rather than the many.

I don’t intend to be highly critical or mean spirited in using this Blockhead feature. This is meant to illustrate through the 4DF model how there are many ways that people or issues divide us and/or harm, rather than contribute, towards the public interest. I also will use the graphic in a quick and more simplistic way to highlight the areas by which a person or issue qualifies as a Blockhead.  As usual, the more circular the graphic, the better for the public interest, so Blockheads will be notable for their sharp distortions in certain categories.

Day 23 - Blockhead Alex Rodriguez

Baseball’s Alex Rodriguez

I already discussed the Alex Rodriguez steroid issue in my Day 7 NaBloPoMo baseball post. His lies about his steroid use that served his own interests at the cost of the broader interests of the sport’s integrity and its reputation for Excellence is mainly what is shown in the 4DF depiction here.

Then there is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s poor handling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse controversy, amongst other recent off-field player scandals. Like Rodriguez, Goodell’s honesty was questionable, but his attempts to address the allegations in September came across as self-serving public relations damage control that was more concerned with protecting the NFL’s image rather than protecting abused women. His position as leader of a major pro sports league of the NFL’s status in the US demands he take a more responsible position, a broader Society view, towards issues like Equality and an Appreciation of all of those who support the game beyond the athletes, coaches and owners.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

(BTW, the photo was created by Mashable which provides an example of a recent trend I noticed in the use of a type of Japanese language character to create text pictures. In this case, it’s what makes the eyes and slanted smile.)

Finally, to demonstrate that it’s not just a matter of being self serving that could qualify someone as a Blockhead, there was the interesting case back in July of those on the internet who raised a fuss over an old photo posted in Facebook of Steven Spielberg sitting in front of a prop on the set of the Jurassic Park movie. These people condemned Spielberg because they thought he was posing in front of a large animal he had killed on a hunting trip. Problem was that the “animal” in the photo was a fake triceratops created for the movie.

Stephen Spielberg posing with a Triceratops on Jurassic Park set

Stephen Spielberg posing with a Triceratops on Jurassic Park set

These people were apparently, at least from their view, taking a progressive perspective on recreational hunting and were well intentioned in their concern for animal welfare, as represented by the longer than average rating in the Broad-based (species) dimension (meant to represent the extent life beyond humans is accounted for). They were also technologically skilled and even knowledgeable enough to survey and comment on the matter through the internet. It just didn’t occur to them it was a dinosaur they were talking about, much less that they no longer exist. They also failed or didn’t attempt to Understand that the Facebook post was a joke.

Always open to ideas and feedback about my blog and approaches like this. At the same time, as much as there is never any shortage of potential Blockhead candidates, I’ll be cautious about how I’ll use this feature as I continue to develop my 4DF model.

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