Awareness (#NaBloPoMo Day 16)

Knowledge is one thing, but knowing what you are doing also matters.  

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the term “information age” is still being used.  No doubt the rapid availability, use and dispersion of information continues to surround and bombard us, but I don’t see it in the news as much lately.  Could be a sign people are getting used to it.

The thing is that everyone now not only has access to this information, but increasingly powerful tools that, among many things, enable us to push for even more of it.  As such, I grouped these dimensional pairs of conduct under this category, Awareness, to reflect the potentially broad impacts of not only those who possess such knowledge, but also the degree of their capability and responsibility of using it (among other tools that could have social impacts).

This is consistent with the theme about the responsibility of power that belongs to everyone that I’ve touch upon in my blog.  An additional theme I wrote about more recently, the loss of certainty that accompanies the pursuit of public interest, is also reflected in this category.  Just as there is security in the greater certainty of self interest, there is more comfort to following the more predictable.  However, similar to how I’ve said in this model that conduct is less certain on the progressive side of the continuum, predictability also becomes increasingly more difficult as the size of the public domain involved grows.

This model doesn’t attempt to make predictions, rather it deals in probabilities.  It represents not only how, despite best efforts, disasters can still happen, but also the many elements that could contribute to such failures.

Awareness pairs

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