Defining the nature of our relationships (#NaBloPoMo Day 14)

The Four Dimensional Framework is all about understanding how we all approach what we do affects our collective potential and it begins with finding the paradoxes within our forms of conduct starting with the Relational dimension.

Going to spend the next series of posts on each of the dimension categories partly to help further illustrate the mindset driving the model, but also partly since I have some other responsibilities to deal with over the next few days that need more attention, including a Vancouver city election that expects its voters to sort through almost 100 candidates to fill 27 positions including mayor.  I plan on having to say something about that in a future post.

The approach is a matter of pairing opposite behaviors, actions, or attitudes of which one side can be characterized as benefiting few people (even one or none), while the other can benefit many.  These are just based on looking at these forms of conduct by themselves, not in context of the presence of any other one.

Going back again to my Four Dimension categories (see my NaBloPoMo Day 1 post), if people are considered zero dimensional points, the Relational category is the first dimension – the lines that connects those points to each other. These sets of conduct affect and help determine the nature of our relationship to one another.

Relational pairs

This is far from a comprehensive list and I imagine there are many more pairs including possibly some that could be limited by language.  Finding an opposite to Cooperate was not as easy as it would seem.  Of course, if anyone has suggestions or ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments.  This is a good exercise, nonetheless, since it helps to consider how behaving one way or the other could make a positive or negative impact on the people in your life.

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