Does babbling count as writer’s block? (#NaBloPoMo Day 13)

Oogh!, too early to look at the feedback for my Day 12 post, but that was a slog.  Wasn’t planning to respond to the Daily Prompt Writer’s Block subject yesterday, but after what felt like a dry-as-toast piece that day, felt like recounting my experience with this challenge so far. Fits with how yesterday I was trying to pull together my points over the same time, but putting it all together doesn’t guarantee doing it well!

Feel pretty good up to this point.  Certainly didn’t expect to approach pumping out 10,000 words this month already.  After this piece, I’ll have done more posts over the past 13 days as I did during the first two months of my blog.

I’m sure, though, I’m coming across like a graduate student writing a thesis most times.  Honestly, this model would have been the subject of that if the Masters degree I finished a year-and-a-half ago required it and I did get good feedback on the idea when I talked about it in a term paper.  Beyond that, I really needed to start explaining my model so I could get to regularly incorporating it into my posts which is why I put myself up to take part in NaBloPoMo (I’m not done with that part yet).

Wish I could have written yesterday’s post better, but trying to get it all in to meet the daily deadline, even it is meant to be a personal one, was part of the challenge.  Even so, I’m always trying to get all the points in my posts which often comes at the price of the writing becoming too detailed to hold the attention of the audience.  Either that, or you come across like you’re babbling, especially when you’re struggling to find the right way to make your point, both accurately and appealing to your readers.

What has been great is that despite the tight timelines, I have been able to use a fair bit of spontaneity in this series of posts.  I can understand that such work can be more popular than opinion based pieces (the Caribou poop post has been my most popular so far).

The ideas and inspiration I get when I get the chance to look at other bloggers’ posts is also appreciated.  The posts TabethaWelles and Hailey Reede wrote about the New York City Marathon inspired me to recount my running experiences and incorporate the lessons from them into the poop post to draw on going through this endurance test.  Also knew that yesterday’s post would be better if I had a good simple example of my graphic, but hadn’t get around to having one handy, so it was great when Lucile de Godoy’s quote post came up on my reader.

So with a little more than half the month to go, I do feel better about this NaBloPoMo challenge now than I did at the start. Not confident my posts will get better or easier (gonna be hard to beat Caribou poop), but it will be worth the effort.

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