Still a rookie (but now back in university)

It’s been a little more than a month since I started this blog so time for a progress report of sorts.  First, thank you to all who I have followed my work thus far.  I appreciate your attention and feedback which is why I believe I owe many of my early readers an apology.  Up ’til this morning, I had the impression no one was leaving comments to my posts, but have now learned that the akismet feature had been holding them for my review and approval.  It looks like I still have the comments from October, but I can’t locate any from September.  I suspect the system may have automatically deleted them to my deep regret.

It’s a good thing, then, that WordPress has offered Blogging University courses to its members. Stepped into the 201 course (I’ll get to 101 later) which started today with an exercise asking participants to declare three goals of their blogs.  They also invited members to post their goals on their blogs to raise accountability to you, our readers (as well as bonus points likely towards a fabulous Stan Lee style No-prize), so here we go:

  1. My personal goal through blogging is to become a leader on public interest as a concept. Not necessarily as one who uses the term to address specific issues, but who is exploring and defining our understanding public interest as a means by which we can better discuss our common challenges in a manner that can lead to more productive, fair, and mutually beneficial solutions. Yes, I hope I can eventually make a full time livelihood from this or at least make it a post-retirement pastime which isn’t that far away.
  2. To better interact with the broader blogging community which, technically speaking, isn’t much of a goal since I really haven’t done that much so far (apologies again!). Get overwhelmed too easily with the vastness of the network. Objective: four hours per week reviewing, commenting, and connecting with fellow bloggers (look out, here I come).
  3. Consistently explore and improve the format of my blog.  Some of you can tell I have changed my blog format, a vast improvement by itself.  Not yet ready to consider spending money for features, but otherwise, plan to spend one hour a week to look for improvements to the blog structure.

Like I said, still a rookie, but looking forward to making this  a fascinating journey that I hope many of you will enjoy following.

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7 comments on “Still a rookie (but now back in university)
  1. I wasted time my first year of blogging. I never realized I needed to interact with other blogs to get other blogs to interact with me. This year I have been much better about doing this. It is really not hard once you get started.


    • MillarDKits says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Just like travelling, vital to learn the culture to get the most out of the journey but it sounds like there are a lot of great people to meet in the process.


  2. Angie K says:

    You are doing really well for a new blogger, well done. I am a new follower now (found you through Blogging 201). Please feel invited onto my blog, I hope you like some of my posts and follow me back!


    • MillarDKits says:

      Thanks Angie, consider yourself followed! Took a quick scan and so far, like your mix of material. Want to keep mine focused on the themes and goals I listed on this post, though try to keep things interesting by mixing a little offbeat, but not extreme, humour. I’ll keep an eye out for you on the 201 campus (but not on the commons as I find that too cluttered).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Angie K says:

        Yes, I agree, I don’t tend to visit the Commons a lot, I mainly check the assignments pages. Thanks for checking my blog out and for following back. 🙂


  3. I’m a new blogger too and also enrolled in Blogging University. I too started with Blogging 201 and just signed up for the next round of Blogging 101. I have already learned SO much! I think your blog looks great so far. Well done!


  4. […] out my “About” page for a quick introduction of these ideas, plus there’s also the three personal goals I’ve posted as an early Blogging 201 exercise.  Beyond that, I’ll just reiterate why I refer to this public interest focused concept as a […]


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