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Why Serena Vermeersch’s murder demands a deeper public interest dialogue

I am not a legal expert, but I believe that the issues provoked by the Serena Vermeersch murder demonstrates a need for a deeper discussion beyond tough-on-crime talk or reforming criminals The questions surrounding the release and freedom of the

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BC Teachers resolution brief follow up

For those of you who have not yet seen it, there was a revealing article in the Globe and Mail last Friday about the events that led to the agreement that was reached between the BC Teachers Federation and the Government

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Perspective and Climate Change

Today, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are marching to raise awareness and demand action to reverse the rising impacts of climate change.  This is perhaps the most important example of an issue that is difficult to grasp

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Independence referendums, individualism, and Bloom County

As Scotland determines its future on its referendum today, I recall, as a child, watching the Adventures of Robin Hood, how Errol Flynn in the title character talked about the fight between the Normans and Saxons that was threatening to

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BC Teacher’s dispute 4DF assessment details

Greetings! As promised, providing an explanation of the scores and reasons behind the 4DF graphic published on Friday covering the BC Teacher’s dispute. First off, thanks again to those who have read that first blog post.  Second, the simpler explanation

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Who is better serving the public interest in the BC Teachers dispute?

Issue:  How does the approaches of the BC Teacher’s Federation (BCTF) or the BC Government in the current contract negotiation serve the public interest? Synopsis:  The BCTF’s stance on class composition and size provides the basis by which, by the

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Hi and welcome to my blog!  This site is still under construction, but rest assured that I am working on populating it with views on many top stories and issues using a fresh and innovative perspective provides a more structured

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