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A brief thank you and goodbye to 2014

As much as the outer world is amazing and limitless, if you are a regular follower of my blog, you can imagine I am someone more attentive to the internal journey of our existence.  So one thing this past month

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Angels and Demons – a Christmas message

I am not a religious person, but a post on website garnered my attention over the weekend.  Kendall F. Person has developed one of the most compelling artistic blogs I’ve encountered in my fledgling experience so far, combining the

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More than karma needed to address gender inequality (and Congrats #22at22)

Microsoft isn’t everyone’s favorite company (having to refresh my computer twice in November didn’t help my #NaBloPoMo objectives last month), but being a US$344 billion company means you must be doing something right (or wrong, depending on your view of

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Nat’l Blog Posting Month Day 30 (#NaBloPoMo Day 24)

Reached the end of NaBloPoMo November and fell six short of meeting the daily blog post goal.  Still, you never know what you can do until you try, and much of creativity stems from how much you interact with the

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Hello Blockhead! (#NaBloPoMo Day 23)

It was fitting to use a square to represent the regressive end of my 4DF model as opposed to my use of circles for the progressive public interest side. It also provided me an opportunity to refer back to that

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Newtown and the deep problem of gun rights (#NaBloPoMo Day 22)

A few days ago, a fellow NaBloPoMo participant urged fellow bloggers to speak up for common sense gun regulations. As a Canadian, an observation I make is that a major part of the problem is that gun advocates think that

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Competition vs Winning (graphic version), part 2 of 2 (#NaBloPoMo Day 21)

This follow-up to my NaBloPoMo Day 20 post is more an exercise in trying to communicate my points in a graphic way as much as distinguishing the difference between competition and winning. Funny thing was that there was an article

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Competition vs Winning, part 1 of 2 (#NaBloPoMo Day 20)

I have always had a love/hate relationship with professional sports.  Always enjoyed watching them and appreciate the skill and athleticism that the participants dedicate years of disciplined training to achieve, but the greed, mentality, and brutality both within the sports

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Funny is where funny is at (#NaBloPoMo Day 19)

Wanna hear Darth Vader channel his inner Whitney Houston? The link to the audio clip is somewhere in this post (and the link is now fixed, apologies)! Taking a slightly different cue from the Daily Prompt to talk about Funny,

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Bubbles, Bubbles, BUBBLES!, okay circles (#NaBloPoMo Day 18)

Bubbles are symbolic of many things.  The way they can float in the air evokes thoughts of playful freedom.  Their perfect shape and shimmering translucent and delicate appearance is like a dream.   And their wavering form reflects its vulnerability to

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